BATTLE OF CHAMKAUR: 40 V/S 10,00,000.



Battle of Chamkaur was a battle fought between 40 Sikhs and 10 lakh Mugals. Mugals despite large army was unable to kill Guru Gobind Singh. After this battle, many mugals were lying dead against few Sikhs. This battle describes Sikh’s valour and fearlessness.


  • Towards the end of the second battle of Anandpur, the Guru, his family and followers accepted an offer by Aurangzeb of safe passage out of Anandpur. However, as they left Anandpur in two batches, they were attacked. Aurangzeb broked his promise.

  • On December 22, 1704, at a place called Sirsa River, Chamkaur, a historic battle was fought between the Sikhs and the Mughals. So, when Guru Gobind Singh left Anandpur Sahib on the night of December 5 and 6, 1704, they crossed the Sarsa river and stopped in Chamkaur.

  • They asked permission of the city chief for shelter to rest for the night in their garhi or haveli. There was a fortified mansion that was strategically built on a high mound and was surrounded by open plains. They preferred not to go ahead. Everyone knew that death was certain, but the Khalsa principle says not to give up until you die.

  • Despite giving assurance of safe conduct as Aurenzeb broked the promise, the Mughals soldiers were looking for Guru Gobind Singh, to take his head as a trophy. When Aurangzeb knew that Guru Gobind Singh is taking shelter in this haveli, they came in large number to kill him, the actual battle had happened outside the haveli. Guru Gobind Singh Ji led 40 Sikhs to the war against an army of 10 lack Mughals led by Wazir Khan. Guru Gobind Singh Ji decided to let one Sikh fight with one and a 25 lakh Mughals (‘sava lakh’).

  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji applied a strategy, he started sending 5 Sikhs at a time to fight aganist thousands of mugals. After killing a few hundreds, the five Sikhs died. Then Gurudeva sent the second batch of five Sikhs to the battlefield. This crew also hit a lot of enemies. But, everyone knew that such a large army cannot be defeated by 40 Sikh soldiers. So, Gurudeva was asked to escape from chamkaur along with his sons. But, Guru Gobind Singh refused to do so. And replied-“what sons are you talking about, you all are my sons”.

  • Ajit Singh Ji along with five Sikh soldiers asked Gurudeva permission to enter into the battle, he agreed. Ajit Singh Ji fought just like a lion killing hundreds of mugals, but later died. The younger brother of the martyr also asked for permission and entered the battlefield.

  • Later, only seven Sikhs were left excluding guru Gobind Singh in the haveli. Sikhs came to the decision to sent Guru Gobind Singh Ji away from the haveli to a safe place. They knew that sacrificing him will prove to be very harmful to the Path. Saying: ‘Guru Ji da Khalsa, Guru Ji di Fateh’, Guru Ji left for a safer place because this policy was good for the Path of Khalsa.

  • So, Guru Ji left the place safely. Next morning, it was a huge disappointment for mugals because thousands of Muslims were lying killed against 35 Brave Sikhs. It was a stunning slap on the Mughals’ face.

  • So, Despite Auranzeb spends millions of rupees, he was unsuccessful in killing Guru Ji. Sikhs not only fought with courage but also managed to save their Guru and their legacy. Sikhs’ fearlessness and courage were eminent in the battle. Their victory is written all over Chamkaur and the whole of India will remember their sacrifice.

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