Cyclone Fani : Why it is unique??

Cyclone Fani: From Where It Came From??

Cyclone Fani first emerged at the equator, then it was excepted that it will hit Tamil Nadu, India in next coming month by various meteorological experts. But, surprisingly it started gaining more moisture and because of that it became stronger and suddenly it moved north of the Bay of Bengal leaving Tamil Nadu untouched.

Millions of People are evacuated to safe camps by the Government Of Puri.
It is the strongest cyclone in 20 years. In the coming days, it will move further north of Bay of Bengal but till then it will become weaker and will not cause further damage to public properties in Kolkata and Bangladesh.

The name of Cyclone “Fani”, pronounced as “Foni” was suggested by Bangladesh. It means “Snake” or “Hood of Snake”.


  1. Cyclone Fani: From Where It Came From??
  2. Cyclone Fani: Death Toll
  3. What Is Unique Here??
  4. Condition Of Puri: Aerial Survey Conducted.

Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani: Death Toll
Cyclone Fani is a strongest tropical cyclone which occurred in 20 years, death toll raised to 7, according to Odisha Police Director General Sanjeeb Panda

In eastern Odisha, deaths were caused mostly by collapsed walls and 
fallen trees.

On Friday cyclone Fani caused landfall in Puri, Odisha. It is a category 4 hurricane hitting the country eastern coast side. The hurricane has a speed of Approx 200 k/m per hour. It is expected that cyclone will calm down as it moves north-northeast in the next coming hours.

Till now, it as caused 8 death.

Tropical Cyclone Scales
Tropical Cyclone Scales

What Is Unique Here??
  • Cyclone Fani is unique because it started developing in April, a month that has historically seen very few cyclones that were categorised as extremely severe.
  • From 1965 to 2017 India was hit by 145 cyclonic storms. Of these only seven (5 per cent) were in April and 27(18 per cent) in May.
  • Most of the severe cyclones (90 i.e. 62%)  are generated in the months of October and December.
  • Only Cyclone Fani is the one which is severe and is generated in the Month of April that why it is Unique

Condition Of Puri: Aerial Survey Conducted.

According to the survey conducted by Naval Dornier Aircraft, it was observed that there was extensive devastation of vegetation in the region around Puri. The Dornier crew observed very strong winds of nearly 50 knots during observation. The condition of Puri is very Pathetic, large destruction has taken place. It was found a large number of trees and electric poles are uprooted. Puri Railway Station’ Roof has been blown off. Between Puri and Chilka lake, a large scale water inundation was observed.

Some videos coming from Odisha

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