How to Download Game of Thrones Seasons from Telegram? (2021)

Want to Download Game of Thrones for Free? Then, you are at the Right Place, because here I will tell you a simple way to get Game of Thrones all Seasons downloaded for free from Telegram, with all proper Instructions!

Disclaimer:- It totally depends on you whether you want to watch Game of Thrones for free or you can also watch from Amazon Prime by joining it from the banner below!

Game of Thrones all Seasons Download Telegram

The following steps will tell you How to Download all the Seasons of Game of Thrones from Telegram:-

Game of Thrones Telegram : 1st Step

Download Telegram either on Mobile or on Laptop through the Play store. 

( Download Telegram from PlayStore on Mobile ) :-

Screen Shot Of Telegram App on Play Store

( Download Telegram from Mircrosoft Store on PC ) :-

Screenshot of Telegram App on Microsoft Store for PC

Game of Thrones Telegram Channel : 2nd Step

Search for “Game of Thrones,” in the Search Bar, and the Telegram Channels to Game of Thrones all Seasons for free will appear in the “Global Search”. ( Channel link ) 

Screenshot Of Game Of thrones Channels on Telegram to Download for Free

Game of Thrones English Telegram Channel Link

Note:- If you have downloaded Telegram then you can also join this channel of Game Of Thrones from this invite link here. 

Game of Thrones Free Download Telegram : 3rd Step

Then, click on 3rd channel ” Game of Thrones “ and the following downloadable links will appear for for free of cost.

Game of Thrones Telegram Channel link

Game of Thrones all Seasons Telegram Channel : 4th Step

Click on the pointing down arrow to download the specific episode of “Game Of Thrones”.

Note:-You can download the Game of Thrones Subtitles for Free directly from “VLC for Android” or you can go to this site for subtitles. 

Download Game of thrones free from Telegram

How to Download Game of Thrones in Telegram : 5th Step

Download “VLC Player” either on your mobile or on your PC for “HEVC video format”. This video format is available for free on the mobile phone but it has a paid feature for PC.

Why to Download Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones is one of the famous television serials, it had approx. 32.8 million viewers in the last episode. So, it is worth seeing by either downloading from Telegram or Amazon Prime.

What is Game Of Thrones?

Game of thrones Poster
Source: IMbd

This Serial drama is created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for HBO. They base it on the novel A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

Game of Thrones has 8 seasons and 73 episodes.  The first episode of  Game of Thrones was released on 17 April 2011 and we released the final episode of Game of Thrones on 19 May 2019.

Game of Thrones is the story of Nine noble families which are fighting against each other to establish control of the Iron Throne of the Westeros.

The story comprises various twists & turns that will surprise you and will also create suspense for the next episode.

For me, Game of Thrones is the all-in-one package you will find erotic scenes, bloody wars, love, romance, dragons, alliance, disloyalty, etc.

You will also find that how we people are blind for Power and Wealth and the nine noble kingdoms forgets about the enemy (White-Walkers)  which threaten the human beings for the Iron throne. 

In this story of Game of Thrones, the heroes are Starks which despite loyalty suffered the most because of mercy and the villains of the story are Lannisters.

This story also has a group of White Walker who is not Human beings and their aim is to just destroy everything that comes in their way.   

Game of Thrones Awards & Achievements.

Game of Thrones Wallpaper

Game of Thrones had almost about 32.8 million viewers per episode across all platforms. Game of Thrones has achieved a score of 9.4/10 on IMDb and 9/10 score on and 93% liked this show on Google.

In 2013 the Writers Guild of America listed Game of Thrones as the 40th “best written” series in television history.   This Graph shows you the viewers in millions per season of Game of Thrones. (This is increasing per seasons)

Discussion About Game Of Thrones Season 8



On April 14, 2019, you finally saw the first episode of  ” Game of Thrones “season 8 and if you don’t and you are at the right place to download all the episodes of Game of thrones free (scroll down to see how to download it). 

With the first episode already broadcast at 2 am on 15th April this morning, “HBO” has released more and more tantalizing – if not terrifying – teasers, trailers, and pictures; scenes from an apocalyptic Winterfell, Sansa offering her home to the Mother of Dragons, the arrival of the Golden Company. 

It the biggest television show today, the fantasy-drama has huge fans around the globe and everyone is waiting for its final season, and GOT fans will see their favorite characters last time. There is huge suspense among GOT fans about – 

Will Jon Snow die? Will Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow get married? Will Cersei Lannister betray Jon and Daenerys? What will happen to Tyrion? Who will survive the battle with the undead??

In Season 8 the Great War has come, the Wall that has protected the Seven Kingdoms has fallen and the Night King’s army of the death marches towards Westeros.
By the way, Season 8 will consist of six episodes. These are timings of each episode revealed by the Telegraph

While the eighth season will only have six episodes, some of them will be much longer than the one-hour slot they’ve filled in previous seasons. The first couple of episodes, however, are disappointingly short:

Episode 1: 54 minutes

Episode 2: 58 minutes

Episode 3: 60 minutes

Episode 4: 78 minutes

Episode 5: 80 minutes

Episode 6: 80 minutes.   

General FAQ

Game of Thrones is the story of Nine noble families which are fighting against each other to establish control on the Iron Throne of the Westeros. The story comprises various twists & turns that will surprise you and will also create suspense for the next episode. 

This Serial drama is created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for HBO. They base it on the novel A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. 

You can download all the seasons of Game of Thrones for free through Telegram and for that, you have to follow the exact steps given in this article, and you can also download from Amazon Prime.

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