16 Experts on How to relieve Stress in 2022 ?

In our sophisticated lifestyle, we deal with stress daily.

And in my previous article on the benefits of yoga, I have already covered that behind every health problem stress is the major factor.

 If you are also suffering from minor or major stress, anxiety or depression problems than you really deserve this best advice.

So, in this problem-solving article, let us see the Expert’s view on “How to relieve stress ?”


 She is a Yoga teacher, an Athlete and a Brand Ambassador to various big yoga companies like Liforme, Onzie, and Liquidoactive. 

I love Ashtanga♥


Andrea's way to relieve stress

We all have to deal with stress in our daily lives, jobs, career, etc.

First, we need to want to change that.

We need to have healthy meals, at regular times.

We need to have less necessity for control.

We need to learn that we are not perfect and that it is ok to make mistakes.

We need to learn to be flexible.

We need to learn to breathe.

We need to learn to let it go.

We need to have compassion, from others and towards ourselves.

How do we get that?

Through yoga practice.

Practice yoga and change your life. ♥


How lack of confidence is related to stress?

The reason behind stress or anxiety can be insecurity or lack of confidence in one’s self and that’s why here is my story of building up the feeling of self proud in ones body

My Story of Becoming Self Proud


This is my truth today but it wasn’t always the case. 

Being proud of my body has always been a challenge for me and I’ve shared about it often. 

At one point, I stopped talking about it because I figured that acknowledging it made it real and maybe if I stopped talking about it, it would show up less.

 To an extent, this did work and it definitely helped me get rid of the attachment I felt towards remaining insecure. 

But it wasn’t until I started addressing my triggers that I really saw a change in how I viewed myself. I made the conscious decision to change my thought patterns; instead of singling out all my defects, I started praising the things I liked. 

And I also started working hard for my body – eating better, exercising more, switching skincare routines.

More importantly, I finally forgave myself for all those years where I chose not to care for my body. It took years and years but I can finally say -honestly- I’M PROUD OF MY BODY

Does yoga help with self-esteem?

Yes, I can also say that yoga really helps in achieving self-esteem because yoga helps to take care of our body and when we take care of someone ( for example our body) then we builds up trust and self-esteem in them😊


I am a self-employed yoga teacher, completed my education from Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Rishikesh.  

I have several awards & achievements like a Silver medal 🥈 in 2nd south Asian yoga sports championship,  Silver medal in 1st Mt. Everest international yoga festival (competition),  Trophy🏆 in the 5th open National yoga sports competition on 28th December 2018, etc.

I have my yoga academy in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. 

How Setu- Bandhasana relieves stress?

Setu-Bandhasaana-sequence-to-relieve stress

According to me, this pose which is also known as Bridge Pose is very effective in relieving stress, anxiety or depression.

Not only this it is also very beneficial to various other body parts like it Strengthens the back muscles, Relieves the tired back instantaneously, Gives a good stretch to the chest, neck, and spine, Helpful in asthma, high blood pressure, etc

 The particular steps to perform this posture are:-

    1. Begin the asana by lying flat on your back. 
    2. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. 
    3. Make sure that your ankles and knees are placed in a straight line. 
    4. Let your arms rest beside your body, with your palms facing downwards. 
    5.  Inhale, and lift your back off the floor. 
    6. Let your shoulders, feet, and arms to support your weight.  
    7. Hold the posture for at least a minute. 
    8. Breathe normally. 
    9.  Exhale and release the pose. 
And do not perform this pose if you have neck injury.

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I am a Certified Yoga Therapist with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) and  E-RYT 500. 

I am  practicing and teaching Yoga for over 38 years and completed my yoga therapy training in India, where I studied Thirumoolar’s Therapeutic Ashtanga Yoga.

I also a leading instructor at White Crow Yoga Academy.


How yoga can help in stress relief by restoring the subtle energy?

For myself, I think yoga helps relieve stress in SO many ways, but one of the main ones, in my opinion, is via the impact it has on the subtle energy system. 

We might not see this with the naked eye, but we feel it. When our subtle energy is restored and balanced, we feel calm and peaceful. 

If that energy goes out of balance, we feel stressed, which for many of us leads to overeating.

So, definitely we can use yoga to help us maintain a healthy weight and a healthy outlook on life! 


My yoga Life

Born and raised in a small Northern Florida town, I discovered yoga when I was 18 after I dislocated my hip in a track and field race.

I was a hurdler, so I had a lot of flexibility coming into yoga, but what I was seeking was a way to use my body to calm my mind, to replace the outlet of running since I couldn’t run as far or train as hard anymore after my injury.

Since then I practiced yoga on and off the mat, but I didn’t truly develop a dedicated practice until after I moved to Los Angeles and found Black Dog Yoga 2 years ago.

Now I’m a Karma Crew member at Blue Moon Yoga, where for the past 7 months, I’ve been able to take my practice to a whole new level, mentally and physically, thanks to the amazing yoga teachers and community there. 


My way to relieve Stress

Focus on your breath and perform yoga while consciously feeling it.

Doing this regularly is my way to relieve stress through yoga, the advanced postures are fun, but continuously bringing awareness to my breath is what brings me peace. 

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We are Grace and Zhen, the Pursuing Lemons crew!

On our blog pursuinglemons.com , we want to help improve your fitness by providing all kinds of yoga, workout and diet tips.

We believe that everyone can be healthy, fit, confident and say “Damn, I look good!”.

Our way to relieve stress through yoga!

Stress can affect us in different areas of our lives like health, sleep and relationship.

To overcome this, yoga teaches you to control your breathing, calm down your mind and improve your focus. 

Eventually, you will developed a relaxed inner state with yoga!

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Hi there! I’m Laura.

And I’m the girl behind Yogakali.com.

YogaKali is my attempt to inspire you to find your inner fire. To find the strength to face daily challenges with grace and a smile (or an assuring ‘No’), to look how you want and not how’s expected of you, and to live the life you deserve 🙂

My 3 ways to conquer stress!

Deep Breathing 1 scaled

Yoga is an incredibly powerful tool to relieve stress and promote relaxation. The best thing? The calming effect of yoga is 100% backed up by science. 

So here are three ways yoga reduces stress: 

Yoga balances our nervous system. 

Our hectic lives throw our bodies into stress response every millisecond. True, a bit of stress can be good for us. But the constant state of alert we’re living in makes us more susceptible to chronic diseases, infections, and even decreases our lifespan. Breathing, which is an essential part of any yoga class, helps our nervous system switch from sympathetic activity (fight or flight response) to parasympathetic activity (rest and digest), preventing chronic stress from building up in the first place.

Yoga affects our hormones.

Numerous studies have shown that yogis display lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and higher levels of happiness hormones such as dopamine after a single yoga session. 

Yoga changes your brain. 

There’s evidence that the brain of yogis is structurally different than of those who don’t do yoga. Firstly, their gray volume is larger, meaning that yogis retain mind sharpness with age. Secondly, their amygdala (the area responsible for emotions) gets less blood flow and, as a result, is less reactive. In simple words, life is still full of unpleasant surprises, but yogis get less stressed when things go wrong.

Hope you like it 🙂


I am a Marathoner, Ironman Athlete, and a Running Coach successfully finished my Deccantriathlon Ironman 70.3 distance race in Kolhapur on 24th November 2019 and another Ironman triathlon 70.3 in Goa in which I completed 113 km in 6hrs 54 mins.

Do what is your favorite to relieve stress!


Have an anchor in life other than work, it could be writing, walking, reading, listening to music, or work out in my case.

For me, something you can do at any time can help to relieve stress.

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yoga asana

I am Falguni Sheth, a yoga practitioner and a Yoga teacher pursuing MA in Yogashastra.

I completed my yoga instructor course in 2005 from Yoga institute Diploma in Yogic Science and Naturopathy.

I am now currently running a yoga studio named “Resonance” at Mulund.

Here we conduct Govt. Certified Yoga Teacher’s Training Course, Various Workshops related to health and fitness and regular class as well I teach Yoga to specially-abled kids (Hearing and Speech impairment & MR kids).

My view on " Stress Relief "


In my view, Physical therapies like Asanas, Kriyas, Mudras and Bandhas and Emotional Therapies like Swadhyaya, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, helps to stabilize emotional turmoil and relieve stress and mental fatigue.

Relaxation is a central element in Yoga as it is the Body’s way of recharging its cells and help ease physical, emotional and mental tensions!


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yoga poses

My Yoga Story!

Hi! I am Laruga Glaser 

After extensively researching spiritual philosophy in my teenage years, I discovered yoga in 1996 and was immediately attracted to the mental aspect of the practice. I found Ashtanga Yoga two years later and committed to being a devoted practitioner. 

I eventually decided to leave my steady job in the corporate world to teach yoga full-time. 

Now, after 20 years of practicing Ashtanga Yoga, I am heading the Mysore program at Yogayama in Stockholm, Sweden, and teaches workshops and retreats around the globe.

I am certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by The Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute.

I am to create a space for students that open, challenge, and inspires them to step into their being and experience their full potential.

Breath: The True component of Astanga


If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom, and courage of ten tigers.” (Chinese proverb)

The beauty of the Ashtanga practice is truly the breath. The breath, as it should be, is front and center. It breathes life into the asanas we do. 

Making it much more than tying the body into fancy knots. That’s why even if we stumble and struggle in a pose, it still invokes purpose if we are breathing consciously. 

The consciousness we bring to each breath smooths the rougher edges we feel. With each mindful inhale and exhale our action becomes more skillful and present.

Our breath has boundless wisdom in it. Never underestimate the power of the breath, because it is one of the most useful tools we have.

Summary:  “Master the Breath, Relieve the Stress”

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I’d always loved fitness, but hadn’t done anything since nursing school and starting work. 

Yoga seemed like a good fit, as it could be relaxing, didn’t require any equipment, and I think I saw a few videos of Yogi’s doing handstands which got me excited at that possibility haha. 

I just thought the beauty and grace along with the strength were awesome. I’ve pretty much just fallen in love and become obsessed since. Working 12hr shifts on my feet most it, I used to get back pain, and since I’ve started yoga I virtually never get back pain. I just really enjoy the feeling of expressing myself, feeling a huge difference in my strength and flexibility as well

So yeah, I just really love yoga and want everyone to feel as good as I do ☺️❤️

6 easy tips to relieve stress!


Stress gets to the best of us. 

While it can sometimes be a necessary evil to tell us that something is wrong as it causes anxiety and prevents us from enjoying our day, having ways to cope with it can make a big difference!

Here are some few tips that I found helpful in relieving stress 😊

1. Make a list to write down, what stresses you out. Simply getting things out of your head and checking them off can help in relieving stress.
2. Be active! Move your body, in whatever way it feels good.  Maybe try yoga.
3. Try to connect with nature by going outdoors
4. Deep breaths help with stress relief 🙂
5. Try something to treat yourself, for example, Eat some chocolate, get a massage, whatever it is. Just don’t go overboard 😉
6. Finally, if stress is overwhelming you and negatively affecting your daily life, find a trusted friend or health care professional to talk to.

Hope this helps! Try not to let the little things get to you.

Happy DE-stressing 💛


Hello, I am Aman Rathore!

I am a yoga instructor, living in East Delhi, India.

I have completed my yogic studies and achieved my Master’s degree in yoga from the Singhania University and my yoga teacher training from Moraji Desai National Institute of yoga:)

You need to give time for self-care.

In our day to day busy life, we forget to care about “self-care”. 

We wake up every day with a new goal and then we start running to achieve that goal. At the end of the day, we might achieve the same as expected, we became Happy to celebrate that achievement. 

On the contrary, if we are failed to achieve that goal, we feel sad, exhausted and that becomes a reason for depression, sadness, anger. 

Thus, to overcome this we need to give time for self-care and it can be possible through yoga 🙂

Here are some yoga tips you should add in your daily lifestyle:

Pranayam (breathing techniques)
•ujjayi Pranayam
•anulom vilom

•Balasana (child pose)
•shukhasana (east sitting pose)

Thank you!

pooja rochlani

I am a Yoga Instructor completed my yogic studies from A.Y.M School of Yoga.

Now, I am a self -employed Yoga Teacher, teaching multi style yoga yoga since a year or two.

Currently living in Thane, Maharashtra, India.

My believe

I believe yoga asanas like forward bend and child pose followed by pranayama and meditation can just ease the mind and body in a few minutes.

14. Yogi Madhav


I am an Indian yoga teacher who is born and raised traditionally. The yogic traditions that go to back to the ancient times is something I learned throughout my childhood as part of my heritage. 

I have a vast education and experience in the fields related to yoga such as Philosophy, Sanskrit, Hindi, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Pranic Healing, Reflexology and a Masters Degree in Yoga and Meditation.

I have traveled and worked with students all over the world and I am known for my role as a lead teacher in Yoga Ashram, India. 

Yoga for Stress Relief


Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines poses, breathing exercises and meditation practices. Yoga may help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate.

An estimated 90 percent of visits to the doctor are stress-related. Asana, breathing exercises and meditation practices help you to reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being.

Breath is the key to control your mind and help you to reduce stress levels. Breathing exercises are known as Pranayam in yoga practice and can be done daily to get better results. The most important breathing exercises are anulom vilom, bhramari and ujjayi.

Physical poses and exercises also help to balance the mind and body. Some practices which are recommended to do like Surya Namaskar, Pawan muktasan exercises, setubandhasan, bhujangasan.

Yoga Nidra and guided meditation are very useful to practice and can be done under the guidance of experienced teachers. 


I am a fully qualified and registered Metabolic Precision Nutritionist and have attained full professional membership to the Global Weight Management Federation. I’m also a registered Exercise Professional – Level 3 with Fitness Australia.

My background as a Master Life Coach incorporates the Human Design System. Combined with teaching yoga, pilates, meditation, and mindfulness, coaching real food nutrition, as well as strength and conditioning and physique sculpting has created a holistic approach to my mind-body transformation skillset.

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry managing my wellbeing businesses for over 17 years. I know the demands that a corporate career places on your mental outlook, physical fitness and balancing the relationships with family and friends, and most importantly staying connected to yourself.

How yoga changed my life?

Group of Pilates and yoga instructors
Sofija with other pilates and yoga teachers

“Yoga has changed my life and made me a better person as I gradually master the art of staying present and allowing stressful, contracting energy to leave my energy field.

I’ve met my inner circle of friends at yoga, started my business because of yoga. I’ve laughed, cried, grieved and healed mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually doing yoga.

I’ve been teaching yoga for 17 years . It’s my sacred space where I meet my essence every new sunrise. Yoga is a mirror to my truth – one consciousness, my center of gravity – being the observer, and my sanity – inner peace.

Sat Nam”


Dr. Jitendra Das had traveled USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, all European countries, Australia, Russia & Ukraine etc to spread his teachings and he also teaches Yoga At PIYF, 200, 300 & 500 hours International accredited Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation® Rishikesh India.

How Hatha Yoga relieves stress?


“When we are stressed, tension is stored in the body making our muscles feel tight and this often cause pain.

Hatha yoga works from the body toward mind, while we practice bandha, Pranayama, asana & dhyana, we relax our muscles  and body, in this way Hatha yoga relieve stress.”


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