Advanced Calorie Calculator for best results [Latest]

Calorie Calculator


This Calorie Calculator will calculate calories on the basis of your age, gender, height, weight and according to your daily activity.

And in the end, it will show you 3 results: – Calories to maintain your weight, Calories lose 1lb weight, Calories lose 2lb weight.

(1lb = 453 grams)

What do you mean by a Calorie?

It is the amount of heat to increase the temperature of 1grm of water (H2O) by one degree Celsius.

How to lose calories fast without carving?

You can either slide or see the list below.


Here are the top 8 ways to lose weight:- 


  • According to various sources yoga can help you to lose weight within weeks. You can see its benefits here


  • Eat more proteins, because studies have shown that protein  increases your metabolic rate and thus it require energy to metabolize itself as a result it burn calories and can also cut off food cravings


  • Aviod Cold drinks & Fruit Juices because our brain doesn’t consider liquid calories as same as solid calories that’s why your brain doesn’t give you orders to eat less of other things.  



  • Drinking about 2 liters of water per day can help you burn 96 more calories and also drinking water 30 mintues before meal can reduce hunger and you will automatically eat less. So, drink more water !!


  • Caffeinated drinks ( like coffee & green tea)  also boosts metabolism and helps to burn calories.


  • Well, nobody wants to follow this point. But this can make your life awsome : Do exercise because just reducing the intake of calories can lower down your metabolism and it will also reduce muscle mass ( no girl likes skinny arms) as muscles are metabolically active. So,  workouts like lifting weights can stop the metabolism to further slow down and thus it prevents muscle loss & burn calories


  •  Reduce Carbohydrate Intake because it can help you lose weight 2-3 times more than low-fat diet and to fulfill the body requirement of carbohydrate eat fibre-rich carbohydrate sources


  • Instead of drinking fruit juices eat raw fruit because it will help you gain sufficient fibres and will also cut food carvings. See the fruit calorie chart below. 

Fruit Calorie Chart

Apple1 Small50-60
Banana.5 Small50-60
Grapes15 Small50-60
Mango.5 Small50-60
Orange1 Medium80

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