9 tips on Increasing your commitment towards yoga

In Yoga, there is a saying “practice, not perfection”.

To achieve the ultimate benefits of yoga, you should practice yoga daily but that doesn’t mean that your efforts should be at utmost perfection.

To achieve some complex poses it takes months or even years to make your body flexible up to that level of the asana.

So, in yoga “consistency is the key”. To achieve your dream poses you need to practice yoga daily

But how you can achieve that consistency? And what do you require? Let us discuss them now!

Increasing your commitment to yoga

To dedicate yourself to daily yoga practice you don’t need to take out an hour or two for performing the various asanas. Only if you can give a minute to it then you can do yoga.

There is famous saying that “Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time” and it is true because when you perform yoga you feel more energetic and thus it expands the productivity of your work.

As you know that yoga is more than a physical workout, you can give some time, every day to perform some of the other elements of yoga.

For example – You can give a minute to simple breathing practices like pranayama to feel relax and focused. Then take five to six minutes to perform some poses to release the tension accumulated in your hips or shoulders from sitting at the desk all day or practice an entire sequence like Surya namaskar to increase your blood flow and breathing rate.

No matter which part of yoga you perform but you should practice daily to enlarge the health benefits you can achieve over time.

Here are some methods with which you can increase your dedication to yoga: –

1. Create a Reminder


Pick up a specific time a day to perform any part of yoga daily whether it is asanas, breathwork or complete sequences.

To do that you can create a reminder on your phone’s alarm clock, put some sticky notes on your fridge or bathroom, write it on your calendar, or put some motivating yoga quotes on your walls to motivate yourself to perform yoga daily. 

Do whatever you think can help you in performing yoga every day.

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2. Let your eyes see your mat


Put your mat out at the night to see it as the first thing the next morning. 

You can also place it in the frequently visited places of your home so that to remind you of your delayed yoga practice every time you visit that corner of your house.

Or put it next to your front door when you are going out for work because when you return home you will see your mat as the first thing. 

Thus here your mat works as positive reinforcement.

3. Gift yourself for your efforts


Whatever the favorite thing or activity you like for yourself, whether it can be buying a new yoga mat or a new pair of yoga pants or eating your favorite donuts.

Gift it to yourself as a reward for keeping up the dedication to your daily yoga practice.

4. Discover a Yoga Challenge


By following some hashtags like #yoga or #yogaeverydamnday on Instagram you will meet various yoga teachers globally, with lots of new yoga challenges every day.  

You can follow one or the other challenge in which you feel comfortable and this will help you to learn new yoga poses as well as increase your dedication to your daily practice.

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5. Set up an Aim


Reason out “Why am I practicing yoga?”

As you will know, remind yourself of that daily. You can also find some inspiring yoga quotes that motivate you to keep up your dedication to daily yoga practice.

Find something that you want to achieve through yoga or something that attracts you to your yoga mat and thus it can be a great method to increase your dedication towards yoga.

6. Pick up one of the Yamas or Niyams

Let one of the principles guide you for a day or the whole week.

For example: – let us chose Satya as our guiding principle and whenever you make a decision, ask yourself “Am I being truthful with myself?” “Am I being honest with others?”

7. Hear songs


Good songs will help you motivating and moving.

8. Invite a friend


You can invite a friend to your place or vice versa to practice yoga every day or for some specific day.

Good friends are the great motivators and will help you be accountable to your daily yoga practice.

9) Be kind to yourself


Do not be too hard to yourself if you ever left a day of practice or failed to accomplish one of your goals. Just move on performing Ahimsa (performing no harm) and remember “practice, not perfection.”


In yoga, daily practice is important to maximize the benefits you achieve over time.

I hope the above 9 tips would help you increase your attachment to your yoga practice.

Please share it with your friends who are finding it difficult to practice yoga regularly and always remember ” Consistency is the key to success “.