13 Effective Yoga Poses for Flexibility by Expert’s

Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga makes us ” healthy and fit “, this phrase comes to your mind when someone talks about this oldest discipline and it is, therefore, true because over 300 million people around the globe practice Yoga to feel good.  And the importance of Yoga in our life can be explained through the saying in Shweta Swatar … Read more

7 Life-Changing Expert’s Yoga stories to get yourself really Inspired

7 Life Changing Yoga Stories

Why you started your Yoga Journey?  Well, if I guess, you have started your Journey because of flexibility, over 69% of practitioners claims that  ( You might have seen some beautiful Yogini doing splits or some complex Asanas on Instagram, which should have raised the question in your mind that these Yogini’s are Human’s or … Read more

मोटापे से परेशान? यहाँ जानिए 10 योग विशेषज्ञों की कारगर सलाह – Yoga for Weight loss in hindi


1 योग एक ऐसा शास्र है जो हमे आत्म-साक्षात्कार ( Self Realization ) की और ले जाता है ।   जैसे एक  ट्रेन “राजधानी एक्सप्रेस” मुंबई से अपनी यात्रा शुरू करती है और दिल्ली में समाप्त करती  है, और मान लीजिये इसके मार्ग में सूरत, वडोदरा, रतलाम, आदि जैसे  स्टेशन आते है।    ऎसे ही  मुंबई … Read more

Fatty Tummy? Here are the Best Yoga practices for Weight loss by Experts


(Note- As this article includes the kind contribution of 9 High Qualified Experts including the Owner of CNT, so each line is credited to the respective expert with the help of footnotes, for example:- 1 …….. 1   the number ” 1 ” denotes the writing of a particular expert, enclosed within the footnotes, all experts … Read more