How to get Relaxed in 4 minutes with Child’s Pose?

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Yes, you heard it right, in just 4 minutes you will get relaxed anywhere anytime with the Child’s Pose.

Sometimes, I even get sleep in this pose, it is that relaxing and effective!

So in this post let us see How to perform this pose? What are its Benefits? Its Precautions & Contraindications with lots of visuals & knowledge!

Let us Begin 🙂

What is Child’s Pose?

Sanskrit name:- Balasana (bah- LAHS-uh-nuh)

Preparatory Poses:- Virasana

Follow up:- It is a resting pose that’s why it can follow any asana

Pose type:- Forward bend

Take some rest because Child’s Pose or Balasana is a simple & calm pose often preferred as a resting pose between challenging yoga asanas.



In addition to a calming, restful period in your practice, let’s explore further benefits.

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Benefits Of Child’s Pose


It stretches you out!


Sitting all day on the chair can tighten all the muscles around the hips or can lead you to a compression in the lower back because we put all our body weight on the lower part of our body.

When we sit all day, this lifestyle leads to pain and suffering for many people, if we don’t counteract it by adding some stretching for the low back. Balasana is a great way to stretch the lower back.

By folding your legs backward or by separating your knees wider, you can counteract this lifestyle of excessive sitting and gain more flexibility, maintaining the health of the lower back. 

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Do this pose for a good digestion


During this pose your stomach is resting on the top of your thighs, as a result, it is a great way to massage your internal organs and with deep & slow breaths you will push your abdomen into your legs & will draw it up again, as a result, this pose will strengthen the intestinal tract and will help with gas, constipation & acidity.

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Promotes a soothing effect on the BRAIN !


If you ever want to get relief of stress or headache, just give 3-5 minutes to this pose to get instant relief & a soothing effect on your brain.

This happens because during this pose, you are resting your forehead on the yoga mat, which gives instant relief to your brain and also a forward bend with close eyes sends a positive signal to the nervous system to promote feelings of calmness & safety.

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Other benefits of child’s pose

There are even more benefits to Balasana as shown below.


  • Foster blood circulation:- It increases the blood circulation of the body, which in turn enhances the overall well being.
Credit- Medical News Today
  • Get relief from hip pain:- If you perform this pose by slightly spreading your knees so that your stomach is resting on top of them, then this pose is really helpful in alleviating the hip pain.

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  • Release your all-day tiredness:-  By the end of the day you might get exhausted with all of your work, and if so then this pose is free of cost remedy to refresh you again ( Simple & Nice 🙂


  • Get a night of good sleep:- There are more than 10 million cases of insomnia in India and the symptoms are stress, anxiety, depression, lack of exercise, etc but the good news is that this pose will help you fight all these symptoms and will get you a sound sleep ( Have a good night )

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So, now before diving deep in on how to perform this yoga pose?

Let us see the Precautions & Contraindication because I don’t harm my readers, I love them 🙂

Precautions & Contraindication


This is a really simple & effective yoga pose but still ask your doctor before getting into this asana if you have any of the following conditions:-

  • Ankle problems 
  • Knees injuries
  • Diarrhea
  • High blood pressure 
  • Eye or ear infection
  • Pregnant Women



How to perform Balasana : Step-By-Step with modifications

Yoga Infographic describing how to perform child pose step by step with modifications

Total Time: 4 minutes

Get into a Table-Top Position

Place your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. ( Adjustments/Modifications:-  You can place a rolled by towel under your ankles if you feel uneasy)  Boy-in-Table-top-position

Knees little wider

Then, bring your knees little wider than your hips, big toes towards each other ( Adjustments/Modifications:- You can place a cushion between you hips for support ) Table-top-position-with-toes-touching-each-other

Sit towards your heels

Slowly begin to sit towards your heels as far as it feels comfortable to your body setp-3-sit-towards-your-heels

Release your head towards the floor

Walk your hands forward and release your head & chest towards the floor ( Adjustments/Modifications:- If you feel uncomfortable to rest your head on the floor, then use a cushion or block) Release-your-head-towards-the-floor

Close your eyes and breath slowly

Close your eyes to relax and breathe slowly towards your chest & belly and hold there for 4-12 minutes  Child-Pose

To release

Gently inhale up to a seated position Seated Postion


Child’s pose is a simple & efficient yoga asana that can help you with both mental & physical problems.

Giving at least 3-4 minutes to this pose daily can help you restore peace and calmness.

In the end, tell me

What are your Favorite Poses for Relaxation?

In the comment & remember Sharing is Caring!

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