(Infographic) Yoga Vs Pilates: What do you think is better?

You started to think about your health and now you want a slim, flexible & stunning body. But you have 2 options: Yoga vs Pilates, now you’re thinking “What to chose? Which is more affordable? Which will work best for me?  “.

So, In this article, I will help you to choose which is best for you and will also provide you free beginners guide for both Yoga and Pilates!

But, first, let us see 

What is the main focus of Yoga & Pilates?

Yoga focuses on mental, physical and spiritual health and if done correctly then it is a great way to relieve stress, to concentrate, to be flexible and to heal the body in various ways.

It can be traced back to 5000 years (which is an estimation) and was not developed for a single purpose, but multiple.

If you see this article, then you will find that it has many benefits or you can say unlimited!

Whereas Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates (the man who is standing) was a German, 


Relocated to England in 1912, was working in a hospital on the Isle of Man because WW1 broke out.

And according to knockaloe.im, Joseph Pilates said that the inspiration for his method came to him during WW1 and to help the injured patients and to develop their muscles, he developed machines like a Cadillac, reformer and chair equipment using springs.

So, healing & the core strength (which means strengthening  of abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis )  is the main purpose of Pilates and that’s why, according to various sources, it is a great exercise for old & injured people due to its low-impact & subtle movements.

At last we can say that, Yoga & Pilates both are mind/body discipline, but yoga focuses on spirituality & Pilates focuses on improving the core strength, respectively.

Now, let us see which exercise is more effective on the bases of some conditions

Pilates is more effective for you, if

1) If you are a senior citizen or you got injured


Because, as mentioned above it was developed to heal the bed-bound patients and it also consists of low impact & subtle movements.

Yoga is also good for senior adults, but only simple poses are recommended by trainers.

2) If you want to focus on your core strength 


Well, both disciplines work on core strength, but in different degrees and Pilates emphasis more on core strength than yoga.

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3) If you have extra budget for fitness 


Because according to Healthline, in some forms of Pilates access to equipments like the reformer, etc. is mandatory and in the Infographic below I mentioned that the cost is $1200! 

Well, if you don’t have that much, don’t worry!

You can practice Mat Pilates (Just need some simple props! )

And one thing to mention that becoming a Certified Pilates Teacher takes a lot of time & struggle, that’s why Pilates classes are expensive compared to yoga.

Yoga is more effective for you, 

1.  If you are more focused towards Spirituality


Because in yoga you work through emotional stresses and psychological challenges – you may even meditate.

Without the spiritual side, yoga is just a stretch or a gym class.

So, spirituality is an important component of yoga.


2. If you like flexibility & stretching


Because yoga focuses more on stretch, take this example :- Plow Pose in Yoga is similar to Roll over in Pilates.

In Yoga Plow Pose, the emphasis is to stretch which can be held for a long time.

In Pilates Roll Over, there is a continuous flowing movement, focusing on abdominal control to go up and down, and coordinating with the breath.

So, if you want to stretch more then yoga is for you.

3.  If you have a low budget 

Because yoga is cheap and doesn’t require any machines, it requires only a yoga mat and some props like blocks, if desired.

Yoga classes are also cheap in comparison to Pilates.

See the below Infographic for more detailed but easy to digest information on Yoga vs Pilates.

Gurpreet-kaur-internationally-certified-yoga-teacherThe Below Infographic is medically certified by a Pilates Instructor and a Internationally certified Yoga Teacher Gurpreet Kaur.


Yoga vs Pilates: Conclusion

I hope you understood the differenece between Yoga and Pilates and you also became aware which suits you.

So, tell me in the comment box ” What do you think is better Yoga or Pilates?”

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