सेतुबंधासन करने का तरीका, फायदे, सावधानियां और रूपांतर | Setu Bandhasana in Hindi |


Setu Bandhasana: सेतुबंधासन नाम सेतु और बँध शब्द से मिलकर बना है।  बँध का अर्थ बाँधना या ताला होता है और सेतु का मतलब पुल होता है।  सेतुबंधासन में अपने शरीर को एक पुल की तरह बाँध कर या रोक कर रखते है इसलिए इसका नाम यह पड़ा।  इस आर्टिकल में आप सेतुबंधासन के फायदे, इसे … Read more

(Infographic) Yoga Vs Pilates: What do you think is better?


You started to think about your health and now you want a slim, flexible & stunning body. But you have 2 options: Yoga vs Pilates, now you’re thinking “What to chose? Which is more affordable? Which will work best for me?  “. So, In this article, I will help you to choose which is best … Read more

Advanced Calorie Calculator for best results [Latest]

Calculate the calories you need to eat 1

Calorie Calculator This Calorie Calculator will calculate calories on the basis of your age, gender, height, weight and according to your daily activity. And in the end, it will show you 3 results: – Calories to maintain your weight, Calories lose 1lb weight, Calories lose 2lb weight. (1lb = 453 grams) What do you mean … Read more